Helicoil Thread Restoring Eco-Kit UNC 8 x 32

HelicoilSKU: HELE-KUNC0832

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Helicoil Thread Restoring Eco-Kit UNC 8 x 32
Free Running Inserts Eco-Kit can be used in numerous situations It is a quick & economical solution to any type of thread repair, regardless of application The kits contain all the necessary tools & inserts together with step by step instructions for use The Inserts are made from high grade 18-8 helically wound stainless steel wire Once installed the radial pressure of the insert holds it firmly into place Due to the exact tolerances, the repaired thread will be stronger than the original Supplied with a high quality HSS tap suitable for cutting most materials including aluminium, magnesium, cast iron & most machinable steels
1 Tap NC 8 x 32 1 - Drill 4.4mm 1 - Installation Tool 1 - Tang Break-Off Tool 10 - Inserts

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